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真菌生物學研究室Pedro Gonçalves客座助理教授徵聘研究助理

Research Assistant position - Application form

The Gonçalves Lab is a young research group in the College of Medicine of the National Cheng Kung University, in Tainan, the oldest city and former capital of Taiwan. Our aim is to investigate the genetic and evolutionary basis of important phenotypes using fungi as model organisms. Our research interests range from antifungal drug resistance, fungal allorecognition and the utilization of fungi in folk medicine.

We are looking for a motivated and curious Research Assistant to work with us on the development of an innovative and sustainable strategy to obtain biologically active compounds from fungi. This full-time position is expected to start on September 1, 2021. The initial duration of this privately funded appointment is 6 months (with the opportunity to extend it beyond this initial period) and the monthly compensation will range from ~NTD33,000 to ~NTD47,000, depending on the qualifications of the selected candidate. All are welcome to apply, but we are searching for candidates who have previous knowledge of molecular biology-related methodologies, particularly PCR, molecular cloning and microbial transformations, as well as bioinformatics, particularly sequence analysis using available databases and tools. Furthermore, we will value a strong spirit of initiative, good sense of responsibility and organization, and proactivity in looking for research solutions. Experience with the manipulation of microbes and interest in the discovery of biosynthetic pathways will be considered favorable but not essential. The selected candidate must have good English communication skills.

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